Private Piano Lessons Teaching Resume

My piano skills began with some basic lessons as a child, continued with hours of self-taught instruction, and finished with conservatory training in music theory and performance. My goal is to help students improve their ability to play and teach them how to lift notes off a page and create music.

Learning to play the piano is a perfect instrument to start paving the way for band and orchestra participation later in school. I relish in the opportunity to show students how music is composed by pointing out every detail on a page. Understanding Music Theory is one of the most important qualities in a refined musician. Let me assist you in figuring out how to easily read music using a combination of techniques, numbers and notes.

Squash your performance nerves and strengthen your stage skills by participating in our studio’s bi-annual recitals (December and May). As a member of the National Guild of Piano Teachers, I am able to offer opportunities to play in local and national piano competitions.

Invest in the world’s most universal language with me, music!

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